Australian version of C64 computer from the 80s 

It is an Australian design, so not as popular as Commodore 64, etc.

This is what the love of my life looked like during the 80s. I learn't to program BASIC and Z80 assembly language on this computer

It had a Z80 CPU with 32K of RAM.

It had no floppy drives and only cassette tape for storing data.

Some programs you installed from cassette tape and some you installed with EPROMs.
My Z80 assembler, word processor and FORTH programming language came on EPROM.
My computer had "terminal emulation software" installed in EPROM that I used to connect to PDP-11 minicomputer.

As a student, I would write my assembly language source code at home and carry this computer to my campus 40kms away and transfer my source code to the PDP-11 minicomputer, which meant I didn't have to spend long hours at my campus typing in source code.


It was the kind of computer that technical guys in the 80s who specialised in electronics (like me) would buy.

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